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About Us

Through decades of both client and agency-side experience, the Winterbridge team is committed to delivering measurable, performance based results and providing a level of account servicing unrivaled by our competition.  

Through decades of both client and agency-side experience and by way of perpetual evolution, Winterbridge Media continually adapts our unique and highly specialized skill-set and applies it to each and every facet of our business. The result is a greater ROI and more efficient media campaigns for our clients.

Comprised of a veteran team of intelligent and established marketing professionals, Winterbridge Media has constructed an agency of industry leaders who are committed to delivering measurable results and developing extremely successful marketing programs.

Please call or email us, and we’ll explore the possibilities together.

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Why choose Winterbridge Media?

The Winterbridge Media team has been managing digital marketing campaigns – on both the client and the agency side – since the 1990’s.


Our clients regularly acclaim that our team's mastery of direct marketing, coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience with virtually all formats of digital media are two of our greatest distinctions that set us apart from the competition.

Another key area of differentiation is that each and every facet of our clients’ businesses, from strategy and planning, to execution and day-to-day management – are handled by senior level personnel who are best-of-breed and always proactive and available to provide experienced and responsive support.  We never assign junior resources to any client facing component of campaign management or vendor interaction. Thus, Winterbridge Media is always looking out for their clients’ best interest first and foremost. 


Winterbridge Media also prides ourselves on maintaining a stellar client retention rate – and extremely low employee turnover. This enables our staff to become experts in the nuances and intricacies of our clients’ businesses and also ensures that account continuity is always in intact – even when there’s turnover on the client side. We have a proven track record of becoming a reliable extension to our clients’ marketing teams as opposed to being just "another agency” that works on their business. 


One other attribute that sets Winterbridge apart from our competitors is our ability to provide our clients with low-risk, performance-based media opportunities.​ Others often purport to optimize their media buys to “back into a CPA goal”, yet often fail to do so.  Winterbridge Media's primary operating model of performance-based (CPA) media buying eliminates these risks.


Additionally, unlike large agencies that require an ever increasing margin on their billings versus payroll in order to remain competitive, Winterbridge Media is not beholden to shareholders or other external influences so that we can focus on your business.

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